Proofreading Tools

Spell Checker

Spell Checker is a traditional tool used for checking correct spelling of written text. Our solution covers over 30 languages in a unified manner which means that all you need to do is integrate just one library into any application thus reducing the development, testing and maintenance costs of the application. Updating or adding other languages is then performed easily by installing a new data file. Besides helping in text editors, the Spell Checker also improves the quality of ASR, DTP, OCR and other systems.

Automatic Diacritics Completion

This component comprises two levels. The first consists in a library which returns all correct possibilities with the diacritics added for any given word depending on whether a given language uses acute accents, hacek (wedge), circumflex, umlaut, cedilla etc. The second level is composed of a language model which serves to select the most suitable possibility depending on the context (neighboring words). This solution is highly reliable with the success rate significantly exceeding 99 per cent.


This is another traditional tool well-known from text editors. It can correctly divide any word based on the rules applicable in a given language. Besides text editors, it is also used in DTP systems, e-readers or content management systems.


For decades, popular thesauri have been helping users improve the quality of their written language by extending their vocabulary, making the resulting text more precise in terms of its content and eliminating unnecessary repetition of words. Besides being used in text editors, they are also employed in dictionary applications, DTP and content management systems. They are also newly applied in systems for automatic text generation.